Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick links

A few interesting things I've found this week:

Do you like to write?  I am a long-hand fan--love my Flair pens and Mead 100-page college-ruled notebooks (with the bright plastic covers)--but sometimes I feel like a dinosaur! Great article about long-hand versus computer composition.

Surely you've met Julia by now.

Turns out that James Hannam, author of the book I just reviewed here, has a blog.  Sometimes technical, but pretty interesting.

I kind of wish I lived in Australia. (Dan Mitchell is a pretty smart guy...for a Bulldog.)

Terrific look at pronouns.  Are you an "I, me" person or a "you, yours?"



Mary Prather said...

i like the pronouns analysis. I wish they had a "pronoun checker" where I could submit some writing and see what the use of pronouns has to say about me!

Cheryl said...

Well, you used a lot of pronouns there, lol! It makes me listen to people closely, too.