Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Review, 5/4/12 edition

Whew!  Skidding into Friday this week.  I swear, May is as busy as December for a family of school-age kids.

We had something every night this week.  Monday, Scout Court of Honor.  Tuesday, Chorus Concert (so J had to miss lacrosse playoffs.) Wednesday, the boys had church and the girls got to play with their ponies while Bill and I had a appointment we had to keep.  Thursday, Band Concert.  Friday, M is off to Chorus Festival but the rest of us are taking a pass.  It may be a pizza-at-the-farm kind of night.  Saturday, M is off to Six Flags as part of the Chorus Festival, and Bill is chaperoning that.  J has a lacrosse tournament.  Whew.

I've spent a couple of weeks cleaning like a madwoman, getting mulch and pine straw for the yard, and having the house pressure-washed, all in preparation for a bridal shower this weekend, too.  Sadly, we just decided to cancel it.  As busy as we are, it is also college-graduation weekend for so many people around here and no one could come!  But everything really needed to be done.  I should plan one of these at least twice a year.

Oh, P is also off to the Perimeter Track Meet today.  She is fast.  PTM is a regional meet for elementary-age kids in private schools.  She is on the bus on this rainy morning to run the 200- and 400-meter races.  Looks like the skies will be clearing.  Fingers crossed for fleet feet.

Our butterflies hatched, but I forgot to get a picture.  After a day the girls released them.  We started with five caterpillars, grew four chrysalises, and hatched three butterflies.  That is pretty good.

We are deep into Rome this week.  I love love love our history curriculum, Story of the World.  We learned about gladiators this week.  The text--an ELEMENTARY text--quotes Seneca discussing the gladiators:  "The show was even better to watch when this [the gladiators committing suicide rather than kill their opponent] happened--because the men in the audience learned that it is more decent to die than to kill." I cannot tell you how much I will miss this next year.

D and I also continued reading Harry Potter out loud (mostly, sometimes she reads ahead).  She completed her copywork of the poem "All Things Bright and Beautiful," and we bound it into a little book.  We are this close to finishing her math book, too.

I believe I am the last person in North America to discover Downton Abbey.  I thought I'd stream it while I was sewing, but I may have to rethink that because I am much slower while I try to watch!

Bill started moving some things into his big new warehouse--very exciting for us.  I wish he weren't moving the company farther from home, but the facility is amazing and a huge step for him.  I need to take some pictures of the new place!

I just saw that I mentioned my diet last week.  I've eaten sugar twice in about two weeks.  I am finding that I do not miss it at all.  Yes, I'm shocked.

I don't like my blog layout.  I think I will be changing it soon.  Don't get disoriented.

Last night at the band concert, the director said that today is the last day for the seniors at our school.  Wow.  I look at my 7th grader and know that he will be there sooner than I want.  It was a good reminder to savor our time together.

I am ready to slow down, too.  I haven't ridden my horse in a week and I miss him!  I'm ready to move ahead and start really competing, but time eludes me.  I think in one more week we will slow down.  Maybe.

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