Friday, May 18, 2012

Where not a lot happened...

Lovely, lovely day today, thanks.  Went to my daughter's end-of-year chapel and it was terrific even if it did take ONE HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES.  I'll post a couple of pictures tomorrow when I do my week-in-review post.  As a side note, it is pretty incredible to think that the entire elementary school was good, quiet even, for the assembly.

I am reading Ed Klein's The Amateur.  It feels a little gossipy, frankly, but it has me thinking.  I've also been reading Ann Althouse's blog, especially her posts on Obama's use of the words "ghost" and "faceless" in his autobiography.  I think we have a very odd man in the White House.  I don't say that because of any one thing in Klein's book, or something that Althouse points out, but because these things and others seem to fit together to make a picture of someone aloof and arrogant, and just kind of odd.  I will talk about this more when I finish the book.

My sweet husband bought riding boots today--yay!!  While I might have to fight over the use of my horse some, I'm really more than happy to do it.  Bill seems to be pretty darn good at this, and it is great fun to watch him learn.  It's not like I'm some big expert, but I am glad to be able to ride together.  We went to the tent sale at a tack store on the far side of town, and it took us almost two hours to get home.  We were pretty worn out!  And so I haven't perused my usual quota of news.

Back tomorrow with pictures and a week in review.   And who knows what else?

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