Friday, May 11, 2012

La La La--I Can't Hear You!

Yesterday, I was listening to a guy on the radio open his show with, "Gay gay gay gay gay, gay gay gay, gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay." Or something like that.  He is right...Obama certainly got everyone onto the same page, HIS page, didn't he?

Here's what you might have missed:

Tuesday's Elections and Primaries:  Spankings all around.  In North Carolina, a constitutional amendment to limit the state's definition of marriage to ONE man and ONE woman passed, winning 61% of the vote.  In a world where 53% is called a landslide, what would this be?  Up in Wisconsin, they are having a recall election of the Republican governor Scott Walker.  In the primary to oppose him, barely 2/3 of the people who signed the recall petition bothered to show up to vote for one of the Democrats.  And (running virtually unopposed) Walker had almost as many votes cast for him.  This is good news because there really was no reason for the Republicans to show up, other than to demonstrate their support for Walker.  A felon got 40% of the Democratic vote in the West Virginia primary--in a state that doesn't allow cross-over voting!

The Tea Party is alive and well and a legitimate force:  Long-time Senator Dick Lugar was pitched out on his ear by Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock, 60-40 percent.  Apparently Obama's support of Lugar was very effective!  A huge win for the Tea Party, but that would mean they couldn't be cast as the evil conservative equivalent of the Occupy Movement, doesn't it?

Julia...remember her?

Half-empty halls...and one in six of Obama's fundraising bundlers is gay.  Convenient.

And of course, the economy.  Yes, the unemployment rate (U3) has gone down a little.  But remember your elementary math:  you can get this percentage to change by decreasing the numerator or the denominator.  The great tragedy is that our denominator is decreasing--people are exiting the workforce, giving up.  If you consider the U6 unemployment number, which allows for less variation in the denominator, the actual unemployment rate is over 14%.

And you know how I mentioned the "sycophantic press" yesterday?  How convenient that the Washington Post came out with a 5500-word article about Romney's hatred toward gays.  In 1965.  While he was in boarding school.  Probably part of the marauding gangs of Mormons that were so active.  How--HOW--was the Post able to time this so well?  Maybe they jumped the gun, though.

And so we will wait for the Friday Afternoon Document Dump.  Must be something juicy because it will surely be shouted down by "Gay gay gay gay...."

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