Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Thoughts for Thursday

A few things I've been mulling over:

I forgot to link the National Review article on Jan Karski.  Linked now.  Go read it and be inspired.  And then note that the book the author recommends is out of print!  I may try another biography of Karski, though.

Every morning at 8:40 I drive my 8th-grader to football practice 20 minutes away, then I drive home.  An hour and twenty minutes later, I leave to pick him up.  This is already making me a little nuts--I need to find a carpool now!

Back to the National Review, this amazing article about Catholics and America, and a letter a Pope wrote more than a hundred years ago.  Even then he was cautious of people, Catholics, putting too much faith in themselves and not enough in God.  I have been mulling over this idea all day:  "one facet of the down-market theology that shapes the new Americanism:  the theology that sets Jesus (heavily edited down to a few sentences from the Sermon on the Mount) against the Church."  Think of that!  The Church is Christ's bride--it can't be separated from him.  And yet how often do you hear someone explain that while they love Jesus, they don't love church, or The Church, or organized religion of any kind?

I'm not Catholic, but I feel such empathy.  I believe that one group of Christians in America is going to end up coming together even more, while others change and become unrecognizable as Christian.  I hope I'm on the right side of that change.  And also, I did not realize that Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, considers herself Catholic!

I apologize in advance for this last one, but I can't take it.  You know it's campaign season if Michelle takes off her sweaters and puts on her boob belts.  Look at that skirt.  It is gorgeous!  Michelle, honey, I am also pear-shaped.  It has never, EVER occurred to me that a wide strap of leather just under my (smallish) boobs would make me look somehow svelter.  It doesn't work for you, either.  As a matter of fact, it makes you look like you have an ass the size of a house.  Maybe you do.  In that case, the belt does not minimize that fact.   Just loosen the belt and pull it down about three inches. But then again...

...if you're going for total abdomen protection, I'd say you achieved it.


Mary Prather said...

ha ha ha is all I can say. "loosen the belt and pull it down three inches"

nooneofanyimport said...

LOL isn't it amazing how she chooses the unflattering look, and even wears things that are ill fitting? She can have adjustments made. Why doesn't she? Why?

Missy always gives the MO fashion a good treatment, if you'd like more: