Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In which I answer Monday's question, and pose a new one.

So, my crazy back.  This is the psoas muscle:

It starts at the lower back, travels through the pelvis and then ends at the top of the femur.  It is extraordinarily difficult to get to, which explains why I am having a hard time icing it.  However, based on descriptions of the pain I am pretty sure this is what has been ailing me.

I found some reasonable information from "alternative" healers, but since all the advice was relatively consistent I think it is probably correct.  (This site is a good summary, but I clicked around a fair amount.)  I actually have started doing some of the relaxation techniques and they have already helped enormously.  I also took a walk with D and one of the dogs today, and I sat as little as possible.  Sitting seems to aggravate my problem.  I even walked after riding my horse tonight.

In case you have back pain, you should be aware that the psoas is implicated in a lot of problems, and I had most of them: lower back pain, pain in the front (where you might otherwise think you had appendicitis!), pain radiating down the front of the thigh, and also mid-line back pain.  Not fun.  I may be on to an answer here for me, though.  A couple of days ago I actually said to P that I couldn't do something because "my back is killing me."  She rolled her eyes and told me I sounded like I was 85 years old.  I don't like feeling like that!

Okay--back pain is truly not my favorite topic, and I can't stay away from current events for long.  Tonight's question:  Two Fridays ago in the weekend document dump that this administration seems so fond of, there was a sum of money that had been freed by the Obama Administration to go to the Palestinian Authority.  Congress had previously banned any dollars going to the PA.  What gives?

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