Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've spent the last forty minutes trying to upload a couple of pictures for a post, but I am having serious computer issues.  My new iMac needs a replacement AirPort card because it drops off the network about every ten minutes (or, today it is.  It went two days without dropping at all this week.).  I know this is the problem since I've spent hours and hours with Apple tech support since purchasing the computer.  I have a hard time blogging from the iPad. 

In the interim, this video from Uncommon Knowledge (the Hoover Institute) is aweome.  While it clocks in at 52 minutes, it is well worth your time.  I think Thomas Sowell's picture is next to the word "erudite" in the dictionary.  A real pleasure to listen to.

Back tomorrow with more!  Hopefully my computer problems will be on their way to resolution.

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