Monday, May 28, 2012

Week in Review, 5/25/2012 edition, late

If it bugs you to read posts where people brag on their kids, skip this one.  It was the end of the school year last week, and many honors were taken home by my bunch.  So I'm bragging.
My picture up there was our end-of-year celebratory milkshakes--yum!  We celebrated a return to less scheduled days, lots of swimming and sun and farm time.  But that was Thursday.  Let me back up a little...
From the upper left, look at that clean sewing room!  After I completed my skirt (the one I blogged about last week), I decided to clean my sewing room.  It had been about five projects since I'd vacuumed and the little threads and fabric scraps were getting thick.  Now it is all ready for the next project...probably a sundress in a cute grey-and-yellow print, perfect for the steamy weather down here.

The instant--I swear, the instant--we got home from milkshakes J started asking me for chores.  So I asked him to build my shelves that have been sitting in the closet since Christmas.  He and P did it!  Both of them, and they did a great job.  A thousand points on and everyone was happy.

The wedding.  We spent hours helping set up for a beautiful wedding that took place at the farm on Saturday.  More about that in the next week-in-review post (trying to keep it Friday to Friday, you know).

My newest book, and part of why I need those shelves!  I need to be ready for the zombie apocalypse, or just a good old-fashioned storm, and we are absolutely not ready right now.  This book seems to do a good job of outlining what you need and why.

This is P with her very, very sweet teacher.  Fourth grade can be tough--higher expectations, tougher work.  I loved how Mrs. R challenged my sweet girl, becoming almost as much of a cheerleader as her mama.  We were really excited for P, though, when she received the P.E. award for her grade from the P.E. teacher, and the art award for her grade from her art teacher.  She was also one of a few students who completed their black belt in recorder karate, and she had perfect attendance!  (That one was completely shocking to me.) Finally, and maybe least importantly, her grades and test scores came back absolutely top-notch.  What a great, well-rounded girl she is.  I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.  At our school, each child in elementary school is "awarded" a character trait, one that the teacher has observed after being with her for a year.  Paige's trait was Honesty, and I think that suits her.

M received great news this week, too.  He made all honors classes for next year, and in addition he made the audition-only honors middle school choir.  I love that he decided to try out for it completely on his own, and that he made it!

Even though J attended only one day of school this week, even he had good school news: he'll continue to be in honors classes next year, too.  See?  I told you I would be bragging a lot!

I really want D to finish her history book, but I can really tell it will be a challenge to do it with everyone home and relaxing.  Fingers crossed.

Our memory verse for this week:  Judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.  Mercy triumphs over judgment.  James 2:13

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Mary Prather said...

I would brag, too.... your kids are awesome!