Monday, May 7, 2012

Daring myself

You can probably tell that I have a weird relationship with my blog.  I want to write.  I actually really like to write.  But sometimes I sit and look at this blank screen and just can't think of anything to say.  (Weirdly, I have no problem with a blank piece of paper.)  And I know that the real key to an interesting blog is consistency.

So today I read this post.  And I think it is a good idea--the guy asked himself a question every day, and the next day he answered it.  For 366 days in a row.  So I will try.  I am going to ask myself something I don't know, and then the next day I will try to answer it.  Or I'll at least say why I couldn't answer it.

I think it will be as interesting to see what questions I come up with as the answers themselves.

So, my first question is about myself.  I threw my back out last week, except my Pilates instructor said it is really my soaz muscle.  And I have since found out that it is really psoas muscle--who knew?  So, tomorrow I will answer what that is and what I can do to take better care of it.  See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea. Good luck with it. I sometimes have the "what do I have to say?" dilemma, but mostly I have the "I'd love to post on this but maybe tomorrow" ailment.

I've been posting regularly for over two years now, a real veteran /sarcasm/. I'll share my secret to not lapsing between posts, but it may not be something worth emulating:

Paranoia. Yep. Perhaps compulsion is a better word, but either way, it amounts to a twitchy need to do something just to prove that I can, and to prove that I won't be quitting, thankyouverymuch.

cheers Cheryl, and thanks for all your recent posts. It's good to be able to follow you on your journey.


Cheryl said...

Seriously, I can't stay away from the politics, either. My problem is more like "I need to say this but I also want to back up every blessed thing with a link and then I just take FOREVER and so when in the world will I find time to post?" and also "I wanted to post about this three days ago but now that is an old news cycle and I got left in the dust again. sigh."

I was just posing my back question to get me off square one, and because I was seriously in so much pain that I really couldn't think about anything else. Better now.

Mary Prather said...

Good for you....As for the psoas muscle - that muscle and I are GOOD friends. I didn't know you had been in pain. I'm praying that gets better.

And yes -- I'm not going to engage on the gay marriage debate. Thank you for showing me that is what I should do.

Blog on, friend.