Monday, May 14, 2012


Yeah, I am.  Bill's company had a write-up in the local paper last weekend.  Moving to a new facility, doubling the space, probably hiring more people--we are incredibly blessed.

It was interesting dealing with the county and municipal governments.  The ones we are leaving were very blasé about losing out to the neighboring county, while the new county fell over themselves to help with the move.  Our county has had some issues attracting new businesses;  I wonder if this is why.

This boring little post is what happens when I don't pose a good question the night before.  I almost did a post on the messianic photos that we've had of Obama...but then I got nauseous and stopped.

Tomorrow's question:  can I take my sewing machine from this

to fixed and working?  I had to pull it apart because the bobbin isn't working right.  We'll see.

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