Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Curses! Foiled Again!

I am so bummed!  I missed posting last night; our internet was out AGAIN.  I hate my Bellsouth internet service.  Actually, I think it is AT&T but I still hate it.  I am especially disappointed because I had an awesome post topic, and it was before the rest of the blogosphere erupted with it.

Yesterday the President awarded the Medal of Freedom to thirteen men and women, among them Bob Dylan and Toni Morrison.  Also honored (posthumously) was a true hero, Jan Karski.  National Review ran an amazing, quick biography of this brave man, a Pole who fought for the liberation of his country and then sought to inform the world about the atrocities being committed by the Nazis in his country.  This is the kind of story my children need to hear.  Yours, too.

Then the President insulted 38 million Poles, as he referred to the "Polish death camps."  (via Instapundit) Now, if you think I am being picky, think again. This morning I described the story to my thirteen-year-old son, and I dropped the phrase into my discussion of Mr. Karski's exploits.

"Mom, they weren't Polish camps.  The NAZIS ran them."  He called me out.  (Then I 'fessed up.)

If my thirteen-year-old knows this, why doesn't a speechwriter?  Or a translator?  Or, maybe, the President?  How clueless do you have to be?  Pathetic.

The Poles are good allies, and we have spent the last few years treating them like we believe the pollock jokes (remember those?).  They have bravely fought alongside us in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters; we threw them over on European missile defense.  We can't treat our allies like this, or they won't be our allies.  Pathetic.

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