Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do Not Engage

The gay marriage issue is about money and votes, pure and simple.  Obama chose to wait to "evolve" until he needed:

  • A fundraising boost
  • A diversion from the economic news

This is about the campaign, pure and simple.  I don't care about it, per se.  I truly believe that the government has absolutely no role in who should or shouldn't marry--it is a religious issue.  (My solution is a some sort of designated partner relationship which any two adults could enter into.)  What I do care about is the crassness--diverting the attention of a gullible, sycophantic press and assuming the rest of us are stupid enough to follow.

The issue is the economy and the growth of government.  That's it.

And so Roger L. Simon of PJMedia has written an excellent piece.  Read it, pass it on, and remember this passage:
Nevertheless, whatever your opinion of gay marriage, I am writing this article to urge you not to engage. The issue is a sideshow intended to distract. If our country goes the way of Greece – and writing this from the City of Los Angeles, it’s not so hard to imagine – you can forget any issue, whatever your favorite one is.  You won’t be living in America anymore.

Do Not Engage.  Pass it on.

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