Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Placeholder.

Sometimes keeping up a streak means writing a really inane post just to keep the streak alive.  This is that post.  (Ha!  You thought those other posts were placeholders, didn't you?)

I need to write a week-in-review post, because it was quite a week, with the end of school and parties and a WEDDING.  But my pictures aren't ready and it is late.  The boys have to get up early tomorrow, and that means I'm getting up early, to go be part of our town's Memorial Day celebration.  Specifically they get to fire black powder muskets with the Sons of the American Revolution.  That is how to get middle-school boys out of bed early on a holiday.

I did read this excellent piece by Mark Steyn today, in which he wrote:
In the end, revolution cannot be tweeted.
No matter how fun our virtual diversions are, no matter how important the online world seems, the only people who change the world are those willing to step away from their screens and do something.  This is such a simple idea and yet profound, and profoundly difficult.  The world hasn't changed.  The talkers will never really change the world.  The doers will.

Tomorrow we honor people who did something--no, they did everything in their power to preserve my right to sit here at my desk in my beautiful home, with my wonderful children sound asleep, and write about all sorts of important and unimportant ideas.  Tomorrow I will have to assess whether I've been worthy of that sacrifice.

And an important update:  Little Truman is getting better!!  Praise God.  He was moved from the PICU to the rehab wing and is breathing on his own.  You can get all the details at his family's blog.

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